“My painting is about paint, color, composition – and I paint in several different styles including abstraction.  It’s all abstract painting really … I like the intricacies of color—the relationships.  When I start a painting I have a rough idea of what I want to do – but that changes constantly as I work.  That’s part of the joy of painting for me.

The still life painting kind of grew out of the abstract painting.  After a while you start looking at everyday objects – looking hard into the color and the relationships between colors and the subtle shades.  You look at how it reflects the light and how each cool and warm value affects its neighbor.  These paintings are a bit easier than the abstracts because you aren’t so concerned about the composition changing constantly as your work on it

In the still life paintings I like to look into the object to see the color relationships—how they reflect and work with the light.  And I like to play with the color relationships using colors that you would not normally find in these objects.  I like to work with simple still life subjects, fruit mainly, because they have very simple shapes.  I can arrange them in simple compositions that emphasize what I’m doing with the color – and with their simple forms, they relive me of the complexities of composition.

However, every color, value and every mark changes the painting as you are working – so the painting is changing constantly.  And you need to be aware not only of where you are taking the painting but also where it is taking you.”

I am looking to create objects which the viewer can return to many times.  I hope these pictures reward with many viewings.”